Pioneering Scan Back Camera unveiled

Swiss company Seitz Phototechnik AG has released its new D3 scan back technology as part of the Seitz 6 x 7 digital camera. The camera is capable of scanning 300 MBs per second, making the Seitz D3 sensor 100 times faster than any existing scan back.

The new technology enables a photographer to create multi-sized images in seconds. A 6x17, 160 million pixel image can be captured in one second, while a 360-degree, 470 million pixel panorama takes approximately two. The results are high resolution images full of speed, motion, and life.

In recent years, Seitz has worked closely with specialists of DALSA Corporation to pioneer a scanning sensor specifically for photography. An international high performance semiconductor and electronics company, DALSA utilized its TDI (Time Delay Integration) technology to create the sensor.

Boasting a highly dynamic range, 48-bit colour depth, and a powerful anti-blooming feature, the Seitz 6x7 is likely to become the choice of world-class photographers.

View the 6x7 specs at here.