RFID tags and passports can be cloned

According to this month’s Black Hat security conference, passports equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags can be cloned.

German researchers demonstrated that any laptop equipped with a $200 RFID reader and an equally inexpensive smart card writer is capable of cloning such passports.

This raises red flags about the security of biometric ePassports, which will reach global status when millions of Americans receive their RFID tag passports this month.

Global security specialist Cybertrust is a likely candidate for the implementation of responsive security measures. The company is best known for its UniCERT software, a system that employs public-key cryptography to apply the safeguards used by physical businesses to the electronic world.

The same UniCERT technology may now be used to validate the biometric data on ePassports. Just days ago, The Population Registre Center of Finland announced that it will partner with CyberTrust to achieve the country’s transition to a biometric ePassport system.

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