Will Tape Backup become extinct

When integrated media provider Techtarget asked if tape backups have become the dinosaurs of the disaster recovery world, Pierre Dorion warned readers not to jump to any conclusions.

Dorion, a Phoenix-based consultant who specialises in backup and recovery, writes that although tape is certainly losing ground to disk backup when it comes to highly critical data, it is still a viable choice.

Asserting that not all data “is created equal,” Dorion suggests that tape may still be advantageous for lower-priority data because it is inexpensive and can easily be sent offsite.

However, one should remember that

• Tape requires varying multiple platforms, which can be expensive to maintain.

• Tape’s linear nature makes finding a particular file or piece of data time-consuming

• Tape’s transfer rates and seek speeds are too slow to even compare to that of disk backup and data replication.

Even if tape still has certain potential uses, the fact is that it is an outmoded medium that will eventually join floppy disks in the technology graveyard.

Read Dorion’s full opinion here.