Quest says City firms are breaking password guidelines

Research from Quest Software claims to show that many firms in the City of London are breaking `best practice' rules when it comes to passwords.

The company says it took in responses from 20 firms in the Square Mile of London and concluded that half of respondents were using system manager passwords of less than eight characters, making them easy to crack.

On top of this, 84 per cent of respondents said they were responsible for setting their own passwords and more than 25 per cent use `real world' passwords rather than a recommended alpha-numeric string.

A further 25 per cent said they share passwords between work PCs and personal applications like Web mail and online banking, again increasing the risk of password theft and unauthorised system access.

A third of respondents have even shared confidential password information with work colleagues - another practice that Quest says raises security concerns.

You can read details of the findings here. In the meantime, you can smile at the fact that City toffs are just as human as the rest of us...