Say hello to iPod slurping

Huntswood, a professional legal and business services firm, says that the Apple iPod has just celebrated its fifth birthday. At the same time, the firm says, ID theft is rocketing.

And the iPod is a handy gizmo for ID theft, it seems, owing to its ability to store a lot of information. Huntswood calls this iPod slurping, a term which I find immensely amusing.

Peter Brooke, principal consultant for Huntswood's financial crime practice, said that iPod slurping describes how MP3 players can easily be used to steal sensitive information that can used for the purposes of serious organised crime.

"Our primary concern is that many organisations are not recognising this threat to information security and have not yet considered the basics of implementing a company-wide portable storage control policy," he said.

Brooke points out that ID theft is rising in the UK, with CIFAS - the UK's Fraud Prevention Service - stating that cases of identity and impersonation fraud reported have risen by 500 per cent in recent years.

Linking iPods to ID theft is like putting two and two together and making five. Mind you, I still like the concept of iPod slurping...