Aussies call for IT professionals

Fancy the sunshine, love the sand, and live to surf? If so, it might be time to pack your things and head “down under.”

A series of large-scale IT projects have prompted the Australian Government to add a number of positions to its MODL (Migration Occupations in Demand List). Computing and programming professionals specialising in the following areas are needed:





•Network security





Emigration applications from professionals with any or all of the above qualifications will be given priority. Candidates must:

•Be proficient in English

•Be under 45 years of age

•Have a minimum of four years work experience with an IT degree

•Have a minimum of six years work experience without an IT degree

Most of the open positions are located in Canberra and Adelaide. These cities have much to offer young professionals with families, including affordable real estate, easy commutes, and attractive scenery.

IT professionals interested in this relocation opportunity are encouraged to visit and take the Online Assessment for Australia. Australia's migration system is points-based, and applicants whose skills match those on the country's MODL are given automatic points.