Zigbee networks coming strong

Atalum Wireless launched its enterprise system, GREENoperator, providing the necessary functionality for commissioning, managing and maintaining any ZigBee network.

GREENoperator comprises multiple components for configuring and managing network and sensor related application data. Via a Web browser, operations staff can remotely configure alarms, obtain network performance readings, manage users and obtain timely network information such as faulty network links and optimal traffic routing. A log records all network activity as well as user interaction with the network.

It satisfies the need for managing both traditional network specific information (traffic, link quality, orphaned devices, etc.) as well as application information related to the network's sensor component (alarms, frequency of measurements, responses, etc.).

Presented as a solution that addresses market demand for a simple and cost-effective way to deploy, run and maintain ZigBee networks, it allows multi-vendor, multi-application and multi-space networks to be easily configured and remotely managed. Enterprises can mitigate the cost of the technology over its life-cycle with tools that automate and simplify network management without requiring users to gain any special expertise.

GREENoperator is sold as an enterprise system. Future plans include a Windows version of the Commissioning Tool for installers as well as APIs enabling the integration with existing control and legacy systems