Guess who makes security solutions fail

For a number of reasons, including application compatibility issues, most users operate their computers with administrative rights. These rights allow a user to install programs as well as make changes to sensitive files.

Ironically, it is these same rights that criminals and hacks use to infect computers with viruses and spyware. How does this happen?

Answer: the administrative rights leave the back door unlocked. The gravest flaw in many anti-virus solutions is their dependence upon software engineers to identify new malware threats and distribute updated signature files to their users. This process can take days. What’s worse is that flaws in the actual applications can go unrecognized for weeks or even months.

The situation isn’t an easy one to remedy. But you can take protective measures. Be a proactive user. Always take the time to identify and examine files before you begin downloading.

Also, stay informed of the newest security software, such as ByteCrusher’s WindowZones. The user never needs to be the weakest link.