Google bombing ramps up US government blog sites

I was intrigued to read that a number of Republican Web blogs in the US are being subject to Google bombing.

Contrary to what you might think, Google bombing is actually a positive thing - `friends' of the bloggers are reportedly flooding the Web with references to the blogs, and cross-linking to specific blog items.

The nett result of these interactions is to push the blog sites much higher up in the Google search rankings.

The ability to manipulate Google's results has been demonstrated in the past. Searching for `miserable failure,' for example, produces the official Web site of El Presidente himself, George W. Bush.

Google, as you might expect, is less than pleased with this latest aspect of search engine manipulation and is watching the situation with more than a little interest.

To date, Google has taken a hands-off approach to the bombing of its search engine.

This latest highly-publicised manipulation of its service could, however, change the ballgame...