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Microsoft finally tackles eBay piracy problem

It's taken Microsoft around two years of posturing over the issue, but the software giant has finally started tackling the problem of piracy on eBay.

Microsoft has announced that it is taking 55 users of eBay to court over sales of alleged pirated software and, it adds, there are other prosecutions in the pipeline.

Microsoft says it is prosecuting 15 eBayers in the US and around 30 punters in Europe. Some of the eBayers are even in Australia.

According to the software giant, the chances of buying legit software on eBay is less than 50 per cent.

Perhaps worse, some reports suggest that some of the counterfeit software being sold on eBay is doctored to allow the host PC to act as a spam relay, or bot machine.

What's really crap about this is that, because the software has been recoded to allow spam to be relayed, the hapless owner of the PC has no idea of what's happening - until his/her ISP starts blocking their email account.

What a bummer. So next time someone offers you a copy of a package on eBay that looks legit, but is at a ridiculous price, think on...