ATM scams - are UK banks doing enough?

Fascinating to hear over the weekend - and even see a BBC e-news report on the subject - that APACS will this week reveal that ATM scams have risen in numbers and volume.

The problem, says APACS, is the arrival of criminal gangs on to the scene, meaning that organised crime is now taking charge of ATM scamming.

And what are the banks doing to stop the problem? Installing anti-scamming systems on the ATM. Problem is, they've only installed the technology on around 20 per cent of the UK's machines.

That really is pathetic. If the banks really wanted to stamp out this form of crime, they would modify all UK ATMs as a matter of high priority.

But they haven't.

What struck me about the BBC news report was the sophistication of the ATM overlay frontages. They're highly sophisticated and show clear signs of being made on a production line.

I think the UK banks have a real problem coming...