Changing work and play - Rethinking Business Connectedness

If the world is only two seconds away, what does this mean for business? What do corporations and organizations need to do to survive and thrive?

"Today we are in the exact same position as in the 1980s pre-reengineering era, but with more complex technology and more complex issues that need to be addressed," said N. Venkatraman, David J. McGrath Jr. professor of management at Boston University and one of the experts cited in a recent business forecasting report.

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"The connected world is at a point where we need to have a conversation with business managers about how to create new business models. We need to reengineer for networked business."

The report recommends examining nine business areas when assessing the organization's connectedness: value systems, business models, ecosystem role, service delivery, customer focus, stakeholder alignment, employee model, industry shape and IT shape.