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Symantec releases to support Vista and 64-bit computing

Despite all the slagging off of Microsoft in the last few weeks about the software giant we all love to hate refusing to allow third-party access to the Vista kernel code, Symantec has managed to upgrade its IT security software to support the new operating system.

Symantec has said it will will roll out products aimed at early adopters of the Windows Vista OS and 64-bit computing, while at the same time extending the capabilities of its backup software.

Symantec - which was slagging off Microsoft something rotten over the kernel access issue just a few weeks ago - will today start shipping Backup Exec 11d, the latest version of its MS-Exchange backup software.

The software, the press release states, has been under extensive testing since early on this year.

Er, hang on minute. If Microsoft hasn't allows access to the Vista kernel, how can Symantec claim the software was developed earlier in the year?

You tell me - as I said earlier, I think we're going to have to wait until the dust settles on Vista in Q1/Q2 next year before we can make a sensible decision on whether to upgrade to the new OS...