APACS: ATM fraud up, punters need to take care

As expected, APACS announced today that ATM fraud is definitely on the rise, thanks in no small part to organised criminals moving into the marketplace.

As a result, the payments association has launched an awareness campaign (not before time -Ed) to educate people about the problem.

According to Amer Deeba, chief marketing officer with Qualys, the demand vulnerability systems specialist, more than 16 million people bank online in the UK and these people are providing personal financial and confidential data via their PC.

"APACS should be applauded for their campaign to raise awareness, but we must not forget the responsibility of the businesses and financial institutions to ensure that the data provided is being security communicated and stored," he said.

Well said Amer, but as I said yesterday, I still think the UK banks need to do a lot more than simple sit there and educate punters about the problem - especially as they've only installed anti-skimming technology on one in five of their machines...