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Broadband company gives free £500 PC

A unique broadband deal for consumers and businesses was launched today. For a monthly fee of only £19.99 every customer will receive a comprehensive PC package worth £500 as part of the broadband offer.

This service is being provided by Redten Internet, which is under the umbrella of Watford Electronics Group, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of IT products for the home and business, in partnership with BT Wholesale, Intel, Microsoft, LG Electronics, F-Secure and Belkin.

Redten Internet is the only complete out-of-the-box plug & play PC and broadband solution on the market. It believes there is no easier or more cost efficient route to PC ownership and high performance internet connection.

The completeness and affordability of the Redten Internet offer probably represents the most compelling incentive ever presented to families, schools and businesses to gain access to the benefits of broadband. It is a truly comprehensive and completely unique approach.

Beyond its promise of providing a personal computer as part of its broadband offer, Redten Internet will also be providing 365-day telephone technical support throughout the length of the customer relationship, free software titles, free operating system upgrade voucher, free upgrade of bandwidth and an automatic upgrade of computer when the three-year contract is renewed.

Early adopters will receive their broadband connection and computer in time for Christmas.

The PC will arrive fully configured and ready to connect to the internet. It comes with an LG flat-screen monitor, Microsoft Windows XP MCE 2005 operating system, Intel Pentium 4 processor, DVD writer, multimedia functionality and stereo speakers. The package is backed by a 3-year warranty and an anti-virus and parental-control software suite.

Customers will also have access to a specially-designed portal, through which they’ll be able to access email, populate their webspace, read BBC news and sport stories, and search the internet.

For those who wish to have their PC and internet set up for them there is a home-installation service whereby a technician will visit the customer’s house to set everything up for a charge of £32 or for an additional £1 on the monthly subscription fee over the three-year contract.

A range of upgrade packages aimed at beginners, families and businesses is also available which includes printers, surge protectors, software and the home-installation service.

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