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Legal Content Sharing market gets hotter

iBloks, Inc. unveiled its socially innovative digital media service that enables people to play with their media and "create like pros."

iBloks raises the quality of personal creativity by delivering an easy way to mix and remix personal and professionally produced content including photos, videos, audio, and text. People can then share their professional quality works of art on personal blogs, websites such MySpace, and devices that matter most, such as cell phones, PSPs, and video iPods.

It is looking to usher a new era of revenue generation because it connects professional content producers and Flash designers directly with consumers to sell and promote their work on websites or through the iBloks service. For iBloks, this unleashes thousands of already developed mods.

How it Works

iBloks provides a collaborative and rich media environment that empowers people to "create like pros" and accelerates their imaginations to bring digital masterpieces to life. iBloks unified service delivers pre-built 3D mods, including an animated Postcard, a lively Dancing Man, and a spinning Mobile that are enhanced with a fun and easy way to mash up, remix, and share media.

People can drag their digital media into a wide range of mods that animate to 3D slide shows. With just a few clicks, people can add iBloks to their MySpace website, personal blog, or iBlok Share page, or take their creations on the road. Because people don't always have their laptops with them, iBloks can be shared on most portable devices, including cell phones, PSPs, and video iPods.

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