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Say hello to the biometric ATM

As UK news programs and papers report the bad news (opens in new tab)from APACS over ATM crime, a small Indian company - FSS (Financial Software and Systems) - has quietly taken the wraps of its Biometric ATM Interface (opens in new tab)Solution.

The Chennai-based firm, which is already a key player in India's EFTPOS marketplace, the BAIS allows ATM operators to interface a biometric system directly with the ATM and its allied EFTPOS transaction network.

FSS says (opens in new tab)it is the first to introduce a technology that will help the penetration of ATMs in rural India, allowing customers to identify themselves using a plastic card, using their fingerprint as identification in place a PIN.

The company says the technology already has interest from the Reserve Bank of India, (opens in new tab) which wants to offer basic banking services to all of India, including the more rural areas.

Which, of course, covers areas where many people have not had the education required to read a display and enter a PIN. Which is where biometric ATMS enter the frame.

And, of course, biometrics can be used by Western ATMs as a means of cutting down on cashpoint fraud. Over to you APACS (opens in new tab)..