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Speech and Data Encryption on Smartphones/PDAs launched

Utimaco and the mobile voice security company GSMK (Gesellschaft für Sichere Mobile Kommunikation mbH) are launching the first PDA and smart phone security solution capable of simultaneously encrypting both voice and data.

GSMK is integrating the data encryption and authentication software SafeGuard PDA together with the CryptoPhone Security Profile Manager directly into the PDA firmware.

That way SafeGuard PDA can withstand even a hard reset of the device. The integration guarantees companies, organisations or authorities that with SafeGuard PDA sensitive data can be stored on mobile devices without fear of misuse.

It also ensures that confidential phone calls via a GSMK CryptoPhone are tap proof. The new security solution with the hardened – i.e. optimised and extremely secure – Windows Mobile operating system is available immediately from GSMK.

The launch of the application coincides with the release of the latest version of SafeGuard PDA. Version 4.11 comprises new features of particular interest to international organisations.

In addition to English, French and German, the user interface is now also available in Japanese, and is compatible with Asian devices. Enhanced blocking mechanisms now actively prevent the unauthorised use of memory cards or autorun as well as Bluetooth, infrared and WiFi network interfaces.

The mechanisms ensure that data cannot be imported and exported through these channels without suitable authentication. It also stops malicious software from reaching the device.

New policy settings help the user set country specific emergency numbers or carry out simple software updates. Proven features like the strong and transparent encryption of all PIM files, such as calendar entries, contacts or emails, guarantee the compatibility of SafeGuard PDA with push mail systems.

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