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Which? slags off PC World on repairs...

I was interested to read in the latest Which? magazine that the Consumers' Association doesn't recommend punters to visit PC World for their computer repairs.

I found this odd, as I've tended to point friends and colleagues at PC World for their repairs, as I've found their service to be polite, quick and effective.

The CA says otherwise and that it created a number of faults on a series of 20 test PCs, which fieldworkers took to seven PC Worlds and 13 indie repair outfits.

Prices to fix a loose cable ranged from £10 to £139 and researchers were charged from £20 to £260 to fix a simple software problem.

PC World, says Which?, performed particularly badly. At one store, after misdiagnosing the simple software problem, researchers were informed a repair would cost £350 and instead staff advised us to buy a completely new computer!

And on six occasions branches of PC World refused to even look at a PC because the computer wasn't returned with a boxed copy of Windows or a recovery disc - neither of which were necessary to fix either fault.

Bad news eh? Myself, I'll stick with PC World. After all, any store that can nail Paul Gadd, is a store I'll shop at.

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