BlackBerry - not as secure as you might think...

I was intrigued to read on the Dutch newswires that the Netherlands secret service, AIVD, has issued a warned Dutch MPs to be careful when using their BlackBerry PDAphones as the email security is not so hot.

What's interesting is that the BlackBerry series of PDAphone use Triple-DES encryption for most email - provided the Exchange etc., server supports the feature - so its should be secure.

The Dutch Department of Defence is developing its own security system for mobile email, but, in the meantime, MPs and other senior government officials are being advised to be careful when using their

mobile email phones.

There are several ways you can take this. Being the pessimist I am, though, I read this as implying that the Triple DES encryption system has been cracked by parties unknown.

But of course, that's impossible - isn't it?...