MasterCard trials mobile phone over-the-air transactions

MasterCard has started trials of over-the-air (OTA) personalisation, a technology that allows users to securely transmit details of their and account to a mobile phone and then use the `virtual card' as a low value purchasing device.

The trial, in Dallas, Texas, started last Thursday and allows around 500 customers to buy items at more than 150 7-eleven convenience stores across the city using their mobile phone instead of a PayPass card.

What's interesting about the service is that is compatible with the PayPass RFID card system already seen around the world, but using a mobile phone as a transmitting device in place of a card.

Punters who sign up for the pilot receive a one-time password and indicate an account they want to use for funding.

When they receive their phones, MasterCard says they get a text message prompting them to enter the password, which will trigger a download of the PayPass application to a Giesecke Devrient-supplied chip located in the phone's back cover.

The back cover, says MasterCard, fully meets bank smart card security requirements....