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Prepaid market attracts attention

VeriSign, Inc. the leading provider of intelligent infrastructure for the networked world, announced its first major release of PrePayIN, a release that converges VeriSign's portfolio of wireless and content assets with real-time rating for voice, data and IMS-based services.

With the growing demand for next-generation services, PrePayIN allows wireless carriers around the world to more quickly launch new services and generate new revenues while managing the cost and complexity of supporting the entire customer lifecycle.

PrePayIN Release 11.0 simplifies a carrier's responsibilities of managing multiple applications separately by delivering a single system that offers integrated solutions for inter-carrier messaging, enterprise application access and advanced messaging features; rapid delivery of the latest entertainment services from distribution to rights management, copyright clearing, and financial settlement; and advanced self-care services including online payment, electronic billing, call traffic reporting and interactive analytics.

VeriSign PrePayIN supports all major technologies (CDMA, GSM, UMTS, diameter, SIP) and provides operators the flexibility to partner with any infrastructure provider.

As wireless operators offer prepaid calling plans with multimedia message services (MMS), short message services (SMS), picture mail and video mail options, VeriSign PrePayIN allows them to rate and charge for:

- Real-time data sessions such as transferring files and streaming video;

- Messaging services such as SMS, instant messaging, m-blogs and community dating;

- Mobile content such as ringtones, screen savers, picture mail, music, games and m-greetings.

The prepaid market presents a sizable opportunity. According to Yankee Group the worldwide prepaid market is expected to grow from 1.61 billion subscribers in 2006 to 2.04 billion in 2010 and prepaid revenue is expected to grow from $178 billion in 2006 to $217 billion in 2010.

PrePayIN Release 11.0 seamlessly integrates VeriSign's prepaid application with billing, messaging, and content platforms such as those supporting the applications of VeriSign Self-Care & Analytics (formerly CallVision) and VeriSign Content Services which includes the recently acquired m-Qube and 3united brands.

Available as a managed service or licensed solution, VeriSign's current pre-paid services support more than 30 million subscribers worldwide. VeriSign offers the world's broadest and most comprehensive portfolio of next- generation communications, commerce and content solutions.

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