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Get your free PC for a three year broadband deal

Redten Internet is offering punters a free LCD screen PC in return for signing a three-year broadband Internet deal with prices starting from £19.95 a month.

My thanks to Desire Athow at NetCommunities HQ for pointing this one out to me last week, since when I've made some discreet enquiries.

The deal is a kosher one. Basically you commit to paying around 720 notes over a three year period and, in return, you get an LG PC package worth around 500 notes in return.

The package deal isn't a loony one and, from what I can see, there's no small print, advertising barrage, etc - it's a deal underwritten by Redten's parent company, Watford Electronics, the veteran PC and accessories supplier that runs the Web store.

Watford dates back to the early 1990s and, I have to admit, had a few criticisms about its after-sales service a few years back, since when the company has come back and is now widely regarded as a competitive IT systems supplier.

The Internet service is routed through the BT Wholesale network, so there's no local loop unbundling crap like you get with Tiscali (fx: spit), Orange, TalkTalk and other free/low-cost broadband suppliers.

My best guess is that Watford are sourcing these machines at around 250 notes and plan to use the profit from the broadband deal to finance the free PC. They're not making much profit, though.

Is the deal worth it? If you're after a new home PC and want a reasonable broadband deal, then yes, since it includes IT security software and a three-year warranty as part of the package.

I may be stupid, but I can't see the downside of this deal...