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Global Study Reflects Benefits of Location Intelligence to Improve Business Processes

According to an international survey conducted by MapInfo Corporation and BusinessWeek Research Services, 64 percent of business executives believe that location intelligence can improve business processes, and a third of these already have solutions in the pipeline.

1,700 business executives participated in this global study to gauge the role that powerful, business-relevant location intelligence tool can play within leading organisations.

The survey supports a new white paper, published by BusinessWeek Research, on emerging trends in enterprise wide location intelligence adoption.

Location intelligence is a combination of software, data, services and expertise that enable an organisation to detect patterns, risk and opportunities that CRM, ERP and BI overlook; 80 percent of data that an organization uses to make key decisions to improve its efficiency, effectiveness and profitability has a location-based component.

Optimising information such as a postcode, telephone number or address enables companies to answer critical questions such as:

* Where can I find more of my best customers?

* Where are competitors impacting my business?

* Where is my newest product or service most valuable?

A good example can be seen with MasterCard Worldwide, which relies on the MapInfo Envinsa location intelligence platform to power its worldwide ATM Locator service.

Envinsa replaced MasterCard's previous online and phone ATM Locator services with a more integrated platform for deploying location technology across the entire organisation.

As a result, MasterCard was able to reduce costs and provide enhanced customer service to millions of customers.

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