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Microsoft Vista - so what can you believe?

Amidst all the rumours and slanging matches going on about Vista and how Microsoft is alleged to have blocked access to the kernel code of the new operating system, comes news that Vista is so secure that there's really no need for third-part security software.

According to Jim Allchin, Microsoft's co-president, Vista's security technology is so great that you won't need an anti-virus application to protect your PC.

Speaking at a computer conference late last week, Allchin said that Vista's lockdown features are so thorough that he's comfortable with his own 7-year old son using the PC without any antivirus software installed.

According to news reports, two (of several) Vista features - Parental Controls, and Address Space Layout Randomisation, which renders the object code of the system kernel in memory differently each time to beat any memory-seeking malware - help ensure that Allchin's son's PC is 100 per cent safe.

That may be okay for a seven-year-old's PC, but what about a 27-year-old's computer? This is madness. Allchin must want his head examining for making such comments. Come back Bill Gates, all is forgiven...