Mobile Media, meet VirusGuard

Software outfit Avanquest has launched VirusGuard, an anti-virus product specifically for mobile and smart phones developed by SMobile (Security Mobile) Systems.

The software was designed to combat the increasing amount the amount of malware targeted at mobile technology. There are currently 283 identified mobile viruses infecting phones, Palm, and Pocket PCs via Bluetooth, SMS, MMS, Infrared and email.

VirusGuard offers full protection for all major mobile platforms, including Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Smartphone, Blackberry, Palm, and Symbian OS series 60 & 80.

VirusGuard is now the first and only anti-virus application for the Symbian UIQ platform.

VirusGuard’s other distinctive features include:

•An easy-to-use interface that allows for installation and customization via PC

•Exhaustive scanning of all data, regardless of how it was transmitted

•Automatic, real-time updating of virus threats

•Non-interference with other mobile applications and networks

•Logging of all activity in the user’s files

Read full product specs here.