Broadcom flaw could let WiFi hackers in

Reports from the US suggest that a security flaw in the driver code from Broadcom could allow hackers to gain third-party access to a Windows-driven PC.

According to the CNET newswire, program code exploiting the weakness - which apparently affects PCs sold by Dell, eMachines, Gateway, HP and a number of other vendors - was posted to a hacker's board over the weekend.

Potentially, says CNET, millions of Windows-driven systems could be affected by the problem.

Symantec, meanwhile, says that the problem stems from the incorrect handling of SSIDs (service set identifiers) as a hacker could create an extra-long SSID that would trigger the vulnerability and give him/her total access over the remote PC.

The slightly good news is that the vulnerability can only be exploited across a WiFi connection, which means that most PC users will be relatively safe from the flaw.

Symantec reports that the offending driver name is BCMWL5.SYS and, as a workaround, recommends users install an alternative driver, such as the fixed Linksys WiFi driver to prevent any naughties...