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Marks & Spencer - RFID on all clothing in most stores soon

Sad news folks - I have to report that M&S has completed its early trials of RFID technology on men's suits and is so pleased with the stock control etc., results, that it's extending the tagging system to all of its clothing in almost all of its stores.

I'm not happy about this, even though I'm a veteran M&S shopper, as is the rest of the family.

The problem with these tags, as I've said before, is that they can be be identified outside of the store and around the shopping mall, as many malls are now installing security systems to detect such tags.

This means that you could find yourself marching our of M&S with your SO's newly-purchased bra-and-knickers set - guess who gets to carry the bags in our family! - and a security guard in the mall could remotely spot what you're carrying and brand you a cross-dresser...

He wouldn't be far wrong -Ed (shaddup!)

It doesn't take a stretch of the imagination for hackers to gain access to RFID scanners and have some fun in shopping malls - especially if they can disable the flag that says `item purchased' on that expensive jacket you just purchased in M&S.

Wheeeoooowheeeoooowheeeeooooo - excuse me sir, have you paid for your purchase?...