Dabs launches its own VOD

Just as its parent company BT, has just announced a VOD move, dabs.com, BT's e-tailer arm, has today launched a new ‘virtual video library’ to enhance its existing collection of dabs.tv streaming video clips which show the most popular computing and consumer electronics products in action. This offers online shoppers a new way to browse the dabs.com website.

With all of Dabs’ video content now in one place, users can easily search the virtual library using a quick-search function or can choose to browse video content by product category, manufacturer or through a combination of these elements.

Practical video footage of products in action is enhanced by informative voice descriptions which talk users through the features and benefits of the most popular products from dabs.com’s huge range of IT and technology kit.

dabs.tv also gives the option of a 360 degree view of some products, as well as the ability to zoom in for a close up. Accessible via a tab in the dabs.com website’s main navigation or via www.dabs.tv, videos are available 24 x 7 and are free to watch.

Acquired by BT in April this year, dabs.com is one of the UK’s leading internet retailers of IT and technology products. To complement dabs.com’s broad range, BT offers a full range of products and support services online, enhancing its position as a leading retailer of converged IT and communications products and services.