Google covering its legal posterior?

Google appears to be filtering some of its Web searches, but not for the reasons you might think.

The giant Web search operation is now flagging up warning pages whenever its searches reveal a potential malware-ridden Web site.

The reason for such apparent altruism isn't, um, altruism, but to cover its legal backside.

According to Gunter Ollmann, director of ISS X-Force, Google's move is a good thing, and he gives a thumbs up to the company for issuing its warnings.

"This is an advance I like. While I'm not exactly sure where they're drawing their information for classifying harmful Web sites, the rudimentary warning system will most certainly be useful in helping to protect against many an unfortunate surprise," he said.

Hmmm - I wouldn't give the move such resounding applause. Mind you, my company wasn't recently acquired by IBM either...

OooOOooOOoo - meee-ow! -Ed