Obscure Open Source IT Management Platform gets 50K downloads in 4 months

The Zenoss project has had over 50,000 downloads in the last 120 days - making it the world's most popular commercial open source IT management platform based on download statistics from SourceForge.net, the leading open source distribution site.

Launched in February 2006, the Zenoss IT monitoring solution has seen a meteoric rise to an activity rank of 250 out of more than 133,000 open source projects registered on SourceForge.

Zenoss - developed by experienced systems and network operators - is the most complete IT monitoring product available as an open source product.

In contrast to point solutions that offer narrow capabilities and proprietary enterprise management suites that are complicated and expensive, Zenoss delivers a complete view of an organization's IT infrastructure through an integrated, easy-to-deploy, open source software package.

The key features of Zenoss include:

· Cross-Layer Monitoring - monitoring the entire infrastructure including network devices, server hardware, operating systems, applications, software versions, and environmental controls.

· Inventory and Configuration Model - populating (using auto-discovery) and maintains a complete database of the IT infrastructure including configuration details, dependencies, and logical views.

· Availability Monitoring - End to end, active testing of infrastructure elements and application services, including process monitoring, simple ping tests and more sophisticated "synthetic transactions."

· Performance Monitoring - tracking and graphs over time a virtually unlimited set of performance metrics across all infrastructure components. Alerts are generated when Zenoss detects breaches of end-user thresholds.

· Event Management - collecting events and alarms from throughout the infrastructure into a central repository where they are correlated, prioritized, and archived for historical analysis. Rules are configured by end users to generate pages and/or emails as matching conditions are discovered.

Open source software is gaining enterprise adoption in virtually every infrastructure category. From databases to server operating systems, systems management is the next logical segment for users to reap the benefits of open

The Zenoss project is hosted at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/zenoss.