Trend Micro pushes the envelope on smartphones

Trend Micro has started shipping its Mobile Security 3.0 software, which is billed as adding protection against hackers and intrusions, as well as improving on the previously available mobile malicious code protection for mobile malware and SMS spam.

According to Raimund Genes, general manager of Trend Micro's incubation division (now there's a name to conjure with -Ed) the popularity of smartphones is likely to attract a growing number of malicious attackers seeking to make a fraudulent profit.

"While the threats we have so far identified have been limited in their abilities, we are committed to improving our technology to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. Trend Micro Mobile Security 3.0 delivers on that commitment," he said.

The issue of smartphones and security isn't something I really took seriously until I visited the Smartphone show in London about a year ago.

This year's show - held at London's Excel, a Godforsaken place to get to by car or the Docklands light railway - confirmed my belief that the better your smartphone is, the more hackable it is...