Performance Sentry 3.0 comes to x64 platforms

Demand Technology Software, Inc., has released version 3.0 of Performance SeNTry. This Windows performance management tool has been enhanced to provide intelligent data collection and reporting for the Windows x64 platform.

New features in release 3.0 of Performance SeNTry also include:

• Data Exception Prevention (DEP) handling improvements: The Performance SeNTry collector has been enhanced to conform to x64 Data Exception Prevention (DEP) standards.

• Counter validation improvements: Now counters can be validated by type, rather than by name only. This ensures support for new counters as they are introduced.

• Counter reporting improvements: All base counters are written to the SMF file when requested. In the past only certain pre-defined base counters were written.

• Cycle end processing enhancements: The @CycleEndType macro indicates the type of cycle end with a single character as follows:

S — short cycle. N — normal cycle. H — cycle at cycle hour.

• MVS compatible filenames: The collection agent has been enhanced to provide optional support for the writing of MVS compatible filenames.

Performance SeNTry 3.0 is currently available for evaluation. Existing customers with current maintenance will receive new release download information via email.