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Contact Centres see importance of sharing data

Solutions provider Amcat reports that over 63% of contact centre professionals polled at its recent sponsored Datamonitor event, “Leveraging Data to Enable Better Customer Interactions” recognised the importance of sharing data from the contact centre to help make decisions in other parts of the enterprise.

The webinar delivered by Lead Analyst Robin Goad, follows on from a white paper researched by Datamonitor ‘A new model for integrated customer contact’ on behalf of Amcat earlier this year that interviewed 200 contact centres across Europe on the way they managed their contact centre operations.

Over 52% of those interviewed said that data was still compartmentalised and was not shared; 35% said they were in the early stages of sharing data and only 11% said that information was already shared across the organisation.

Other surveyed results collected from the event include:

Do you use the data collected in your contact centre to help make decisions elsewhere within the enterprise?

63% answered ‘often but could do more’

36% answered ‘Seldom’

0% answered ‘Always’

Does your contact centre currently operate via a silo approach or do you share data across the enterprise?

53% answered ‘Silo approach’

12% answered ‘Share data across enterprise’

35% answered ‘In early stages of sharing data’

If you had sufficient data to analyse, which of the following would rank highest as a key benefit?

30% answered ‘Grow your business’

20 % answered ‘Improve agent performance’

50% answered ‘Improve customer service’

Who do you think that you would benefit from sharing more data and knowledge around the enterprise?

9.5% answered ‘Call Centre management’

43.5% answered ‘Customers’

9.5% answered ‘Employees’

28.5% answered ‘Enterprise operations’

9.5% answered ‘Executive management’

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