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New Open Source Database Change Management Tool released

ThoughtWorks announced the release of dbdeploy which is an open source tool for developers and database administrators (DBAs).

dbdeploy is a simple solution to the problem of managing and deploying database refactorings to development, quality assurance (QA), user acceptance testing (UAT) and production environments.

It has been created by a team of ThoughtWorks professionals based on their findings during recent client engagements. The tool evolved from a number of projects where its use, in conjunction with best practices such as continuous integration and automated builds, proved effective.

dbdeploy has already been successfully implemented in internet service providers (ISPs) , the publishing and leasing sectors and a global sales and marketing organisation.

dbdeploy is written in Java and integrates with the Apache Ant build tool supporting Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase and Hypersonic SQL databases.

A .Net port of the tool is in progress, which will be geared towards inclusion in .Net projects for use within Nant and MSBuild. The ThoughtWorks dbdeploy team included Graham Tackley, Nick Ashley and Sam Newman.

For more information and to download dbdeploy visit this website (opens in new tab)

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