Mobile phone viruses hit South Africa

Whilst attending the Symbian Smart Phone show in London the other month, I was struck by the number of IT security firms exhibiting their wares for mobile phones at the event.

At the time I dismissed the threat of mobile phone viruses as a bit of hype, but it seems that mobile phone viruses really are starting to hit home.

Reports from South Africa - of all places - suggest that the viruses are hit users of smartphones very hard, with the latest crop even being capable of preventing a Symbian-driven handset from rebooting and switching on properly.

According to the Web site, there are about 31 virus families and 170 variants able to do this kind of damage to a mobile phone. says that the three smartphone viruses that had been found locally in South Africa were two worms called Cabir and Commwarrior, and a trojan called Skulls.

Cabir isn't so new, but the other two piece of mobile malware are, I think relatively recent arrivals...