Top 150 Digg stories of 2006 tortured - loads of figures

We have rounded the top 150 Digg articles of 2006 as at 19.12.2006 00 00GMT, looked at the links, the number of comments, the diggs and the topics covered and tortured those stats until they tell us the truth. Fascinating reading.

1. Digg and Diggnation are mentioned in 22 articles while CNet's James Kim attracted 11 articles

2. There's no mention of Myspace

3. You need at least 4400 diggs to secure a place in the top 100 diggs.

4. gets eight mentions

5. Five stories got more than 10,000 diggs

6. Top 150 stories got nearly 800,000 diggs in all and more than 40,000 comments

7. The shortest title is CLOCK!!! and the longest one "How to Bypass Most Firewall Restrictions and Access the Internet Privately"

8. Most popular category is Tech Industry news with 74 posts and the least popular ones are celebrity, health, music, space

9. "James Kim's Body Found" was the article that generated the most number of comments and "Default Password List" got only 71.

10. "New Digg Comment System Released!" got a digg:comment ratio of 5.5 (one comment for every 5.5 diggs) while "Superb high resolution wallpapers (up to 2560x1600)" scored 67.7

1.New Digg v3 Launched

2.James Kim's Body Found

3.Optimus Keyboard February 1st!

4.THE Crocodile Man, Steve Irwin, is dead.

5.Tired of prying eyes at work?

6.Simple Key Mod Makes Most All Current Locks Obsolete

7.A new way to test your bandwidth (and it looks pretty cool too!)

8.Digg Unveils New Features - Kevin's Blog Post Explains with Video

9.Get me out of this job!!!

10.RIAA loses in file sharing case

11.Superb high resolution wallpapers (up to 2560x1600)

12.How I learned to break in to Apple and Code for them without Permission.

13.SkypeOut now FREE for US & Canada!

14.Apple Boot Camp Public Beta Announced, Part of 10.5 Leopard HACKED! Raided - Servers Seized

17.Senator Ted Stevens Downloads the Entire Internet and Complains It's Slow!

18.Photos of an Atomic Blast taken at 1/1000,000,000 of-a-second

19.Its confirmed. Google buys youtube for $1.6 billion

20.Firefox 2 Officially Released

21.RIAA Says Ripping CDs to Your iPod is NOT Fair Use

22.James and Kati found

23.Watch 70 legal TV stations for free

24.New digg comment system

25.eBay Bans Sellers from Using Google Checkout

26.Coolest photo you will see today

27.AOL busted for spamming DIGG

28.Most accurate ip-tracing.. amazing.

29.My Idea for a diggnation video intro

30.Website taken down by Scientology after being dugg

31.Two Years of Digging!

32.It's Done! One Red Paperclip Guy has got his house.

33.YOU can help stop the RIAA.

34.$200,000,000,000 isn't enough. We need more money. Let's tax the Internet

35.Rumsfeld Resigns

36.BusinessWeek DIGGS Cover Boy Kevin Rose - Millionaire! Valley Boy!

37.Google sends blogger aspirin after complaining about Google headaches story on CNN

39.The Most Hypnotizing Website Ever

40.Warner Bros website distributing Zango Spyware+Kiddy Porn browser

41.Microsoft's iPod killer to provide free versions of all your iTunes tracks

42.Free math book published because they think textbook prices are too high...

43.Read this! The internet is about to get messed up.

44.WinRAR to be free this Sunday, July 30

45.AMAZING LEGO NEW YORK CITY!!! looks so real!

46.CNET's James Kim and family missing

47.Huge Firefox crop circle - aliens do prefer Firefox!

48.Worlds worst hacker (hacks

49.Geek Squad .. SUCKS!


51.What are the top 100 Viewed Wikipedia Pages?

52.An old hi-resolution colour photograph of London - circa 1930's?

53.James Kim's Path. Google Earth Images showing James Kim's Path

54.Digg Labs Launches!

55.Google Calendar Is Launching Tonight

56.10 Steps to Guarantee You Make the Digg Front Page (Hilarious!)

57.The Pirate Bay Raided: Exclusive Interview

58.Beautiful Images

59.INSANE Mosaic! Check this out... crazy.

60.Digg v3 Released To Public (beta period is over)

61.Google releases new Page Creator

62.Kevin Rose Responds to Jason Calacanis' Rant from Netscape

63.Pirate Party Launches High-Capacity Darknet

64.Extreme Office Prank: Office Constructed of Cardboard

65.Convert Everything

66.Autistic Spends 16 Years Designing an Amazing World

67.Introducing Nintendo Wii

68.Digg Trademark Fun

69.FireFox Gone Wild

70.TechTV Reborn as 'UndoTV'

71.Animator vs Animation

72.Free USB Drive - Microsoft

73.Never pay a cell phone termination fee ever again.

74.Introducing Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

75.To the women who work in my office... I hate you

76.Mom uses Technology to PWN Teens.

77.World of Warcraft player banned for using logitech keyboard

78.Screenshot of's First Web Page

79.RIAA sue a family without a computer for filesharing

80.What Vista should have been... in 2003!

81.Batman and Robin chalk sidewalk drawing - amazing perspective work

82.How NOT to steal a Sidekick

83.New Digg Comment System Released!

84.The new iMacs. Faster. Bigger. Brighter.

85.TechTV reborn... UndoTV launched

86.Convert anything to anything

87.Turning Network Free-Riders' Lives Upside Down

88.Why windows takes so long to start up.

89.eBay building bombed: exclusive IMs from worker inside the building

90.PriceRitePhoto, They're Back

91.Watch Over 700 TV Show Episodes Online

92.15,000 layer Photoshop file.

93.Top 100 Digg Users Control 56% of Digg's HomePage Content

94.Saddam Hussein Is Sentenced to Death by Hanging

95.Video Showing The Making Of The Fake New iPod Photo

96.I want a Firefox Extension to ...

97.Lower Firefox's Ram Usage With This Simple Hack

98.Why did this ZdNet Writer choose to leach from me?

99.CableTV without a Tuner - FREE HBO, FOX on your PC!

100.James Kim's Last Cnet Video

101.Apple' Letter to Pirate bay... and the reply

102.Digg Adds Video Thumbnails

103.Millionaire Takes Fight to MPAA

104.Almost ALL Windows Drivers For All Of You Who Hate Searching Reaches 500,000 Members

106.Google Launches "Google Mars"

107.Ever SEEN an actual firefox?

108.Giant Diggnation Mosaic - Revision 2 - TEN THOUSAND icons!

109.ThePirateBay Strikes Back

110.3 out of 4 women now prefer a plasma tv to a diamond... THANK YOU GOD

111.Big Publishing Group demands my domain

112.Laid-off employees asked to return iPods they received as gifts

113.715 Megapixel Photo of Sydney Harbor

114.My sister is a pornstar!

115.The Broken Laptop I Sold on Ebay

116.Microsoft sends congratulation cake to Mozilla

117.iTunes 6 finally cracked

118.HOLY FU*K - - - Bush administration to "Screen" scientific study results.

119.MacGyver is BACK!!!

120.Amazing Video: How One man could Build Stonehenge

121.New logo for Mozilla Firefox browser.

122.Google News gets foiled by 15-year old

123.We've all paid for 45Mbps to our homes, now demand it!

124.Most Flirtatious Avatar?

125.How To Save YouTube, MySpace, Etc. Videos As .AVI's Using Free Tools

126.Fellowship of the Ring - HD vs DVD quality comparison

127.Crikey! Crocodile Hunter news devours bandwidth

128.Intel iMac XP Boot-loader NOW AVAILABLE (download here)

129.'South Park'-Scientology Battle Rages On

130.Street Artist "Installs" Fake People in City

131.The Pirate Bay is back online

132.What Happens To Your Body If You Drink A Coke Right Now?

133.World's 2nd Richest Man Give Away Fortune: To Bill Gate's Foundation

134.Digg: Soon, Not Just for Geeks Anymore

135.Digg is 2 years old today!

136.Sony's Blu-ray Goof

137.Digg 3 To Launch Monday: Exclusive Screenshots and Stats

138.How to Bypass Most Firewall Restrictions and Access the Internet Privately

139.A hidden iTunes feature you should know about

140.An animated GIF showing a stabilized version of the infamous Bigfoot film.

141.Amazing Photos of China

142.FedEx flights dodging thunderstorms (radar time-lapse)

143.Holophonic Sound - Audio So Real It's Scary

144.Three New 'Get A Mac' Ads

145.Burning a hole in a car with thermite

146.Leo Laporte posts his thoughts on the "Digg vs Netscape" controversy

147.TWiT in on the way out?

148.HUGE Mars NEWS! There is water on Mars - flowing water!

149.Digg Users - Stop Double Posting

150.Default Password List