Mobile Phones are the Top Selling Gift This Christmas

Christmas retailers are stocking up on the products sure to be this year’s top sellers. Sales figures released by GfK reveal that the top 5 consumer durable products for Christmas 2006 will be:

1) Mobile Phones – with expected monthly sales of over 3 million units, an estimated £167 million will be spent on mobiles and accessories in Dec 2006.

2) Satellite Navigation Units– GfK anticipates spending on this market to be over £80mn this Christmas with over 200,000 units sold. This is 60% growth on last year’s £50 million spent on Sat Nav units.

3) Laptops – GfK forecasts 300,000 units to be sold in December, which will surpass the £200 million mark. This compares to £177 million in December 2005.

4) MP3 – In 2005 nearly 1 million MP3 players were sold in the fortnight before Christmas. In 2006 GfK are expecting similar levels of sales.

5) Shavers – Sales in shavers peak in early December as women plan ahead to do their Christmas Shopping. Half a million units are expected to be sold by the 25th December.