Windows Vista being used as spam bait says Sophos

Sophos has issued a warning to Internet users to be on guard against image-based spam, following a new campaign which offers a cut-price edition of Windows Vista.

According to the IT security vendor, image-based spam is growing in popularity due to its ability to by-pass conventional spam scanning technology,

Graham Cluley, Sophos' senior technology consultant and uber-guru of highest security royalty in the galax... (enough! -Ed) says that the spam campaign bears all the hallmarks of image spam.

"The spammer has added speckled noise in the form of random pixels to make the graphic slightly different on each sending, and users are told to type in the name of the Web site rather than clicking on a link," he said.

According to Cluley, around 30 per cent of all spam uses an image approach to try and sneak past anti-spam filters.

"Computer users need to ensure that they have strong defences in place or they will continue to be bombarded by nuisances like this," he said, adding that it remains unclear whether the spam seeks to supply punters with a pirate copy of Vista, or is simply a ruse to harvest card details, but Sophos recommends that users do not fall into the

spammer's trap and respond to the email...