Cisco scoops up IronPort for $830 million

I was intrigued to read over the weekend that Cisco has acquired IronPort, the privately-held anti-spam and anti-virus firm, for a cool $830 million.

Thar's a lot of bread, but it gives the networking/comms company a strong foothold in the IT security marketplace.

According to Richard Palmer, Cisco's senior vice president of security technology, there is enormous potential for enhanced e-mail and message protection systems to be integrated into the existing Cisco self-defending network framework.

The gameplan is to offer a range of security options as standard features on high-end Cisco systems for major corporates.

What's interesting about the deal is that it will allow Cisco to bundle IronPort's software with all of the networking company's routers and other gizmos.

Normally these devices are supplied for the high-end corporate market but, occasionally, they do filter out to the public via certain outlets, such as Morgan Computers and eBay.

At which stage it's likely that punters will get their hands on some very powerful security software at knockdown rates.

Excellent news...