Mozilla criticises Opera

Following on from the release of the new security-enhanced version of Opera earlier this month, Mozilla's Asa Dotzler has fired off a salvo of criticisms against Opera's security flaws in his blog.

According to Dotzler, Opera's security practices are no better and no worse than those of the competition.

Dotzler, however, alleges that Opera is downplaying the severity of its security announcements, which come just a few weeks after the new version of the Web browser was shipped.

"Now, let me make this clear up front. I am not claiming that they should be releasing the explicit details of their fixes or specific information about how to exploit the unfixed versions of the browser," he said in his blog.

"But not telling the user that an update is a critical security update and that the unfixed versions of the browser are vulnerable to remote attack is just wrong," he added.

Dotzler's comments come in the wake of a couple of critical vulnerabilities being made public by Opera.

Both of the vulnerabilities were reported to Opera by Verisign's iDefense security operation and - allegedly - can allow the execution of arbitrary code if exploited...