Ofcom reveals all on smaller ISPs

An interesting bit of research has just been published by Ofcom on the state of the UK's smaller ISPs - which the regulator defines as ISPs with under 30 staff on board and/or a small number of residential customers on their lists.

Ofcom says that the smaller ISP market has a collective turnover of £1.15 billion per year and has around 700 ISPs serving around 30 per cent of businesses and just five per cent of home users.

The research found that more than half of the ISPs claim their approach to service provision, offering personalised products rather than standard packages, give them an advantage over larger ISPs.

We use Pipex in the orfis for t'Internet and Plus.net at home, but I have a business pal in Manchester who swears by his small business ISP, C2 Internet.

I used to believe there was safety in numbers when it comes to ISP service provision, but it seems that Ofcom's research suggests that the smaller ISPs really do offer a better service.

You can download the research here:...