CIOs evolve for the modern enterprise

Another significant development from the CIO Connect Census 2007 was the categorisation of CIO profiles, with their own priorities and characteristics. Building on research by Brinley Platts, the Census outlined Paratrooper, Consultant, Professional and Executive type CIOs:

Paratrooper CIOs tend to come with their sleeves rolled up and are primarily concerned with updating the organisation's IT infrastructure:

72% say refreshing the current infrastructure is a major or significant challenge.

Consultant CIOs tend to focus on redesigning business processes rather than concerning themselves directly with the underpinning technology and are putting more effort into business benefits measurements, to ensure that tangible results are delivered: 66% believe that IS's most critical value lies in improving business processes.

For Professional CIOs delivering key business information is also high up the list. Of all of the CIOs, this group sees the pursuit of new business opportunities as a current driver for IS investment, and they are prepared to spend proportionately more on application development this year to support that drive.

Customer loyalty and confidence is high on the Executive CIO's agenda with as many as 60% seeing customer service as a "significant" issue and so most likely to be looking for new multi-channel customer channels through new IS developments.