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Gold'en Rant : Vista - an expensive option?

Rather than waste most of my day, I didn't attend the press launch of Microsoft Vista from the British Library earlier this week, but chose instead to watch/listen to the launch Webcast.

I'm glad I only watched the Webcast, as there's a strong chance I would have started hurling rotten eggs and vegetables at Bill Gates and his crew for their appalling attitude towards British PC users.

How is that Vista costs a few pence under a 100 quid in this country, yet Frys and most other retail outlets in the US are selling the same package for half the price?

And - contrary to many reports, anti-virus protection isn't free with Vista. You have to buy the Microsoft Live OneCare suite for an extra $49.95 - a shade under £26.00 in UK currency. What a rip-off...

Even from the newcasts of Vista's launch, Bill Gates isn't looking as young as he used to be.

I should talk, of course, as I'm 50, but it's looking as though Microsoft and its once-vibrant co-founder are getting on a bit. There's no getting away from the fact that Vista is a pretty snazzy-looking operating system, with whizzy graphics and features.

I'm jiggered, though, if I'm going to pay a ton to upgrade to the latest Microsoft bloatware - and pay twice what our US cousins are doing too. It's a rip-off.

Thank goodness that PC World (the US magazine, not the UK retailer) has assembled a raft of shareware and free utilities to make XP look and feel like Vista.

You can access these excellent utilities here...