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Image spam levels are rocketing

Marshal Software's (opens in new tab)Threat Research and Content Engineering (TRACE (opens in new tab)) team in Australia have just reported that image spam is now the major problem for email users down under, with image spam accounting for a whopping 56 per cent of all email sent in Oz.

In 2004, Marshal says that 96 per cent of spam included a Web hyperlink for the user to click and find out more about the product advertised. Currently the proportion of spam with clickable URLs is about 55 per cent.

According to the TRACE team, (opens in new tab) Image Spam volumes have increased 175 percent since September 1, 2006 and Image Spam levels will continue to increase throughout 2007, as spammers get more sophisticated.

"Spammers are constantly morphing their practices to overcome the anti-spam filters," said Bradley Anstis (opens in new tab), Director of Product Management for Marshal.

So what's the solution? Anstis says anti-spam technologies must now be multi-faceted and capable of applying many different detection methods.

Hmmmm - as I said the other day, this is fine if you are a major company and can afford a serious server-based anti-spam system. Home and small office users will have to rely on their ISP to filter out their spam.

Stop giggling, it has to happen...