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AOL Launches Consumer Trial of ZygoHub

Following the completion of extensive testing & trials of its group text & voice service, Zygo Communications is starting a consumer trial with AOL on its UK portal, Mike Moore, VP of Commercial Development and Social Media at AOL said: “Engagement of communities has always been key for AOL, and this trial of ZygoHubs brings mobile into the range of community products available to our audience. The trial enables AOL users to create ‘real world’ communities focused around the use of mobile as a primary means of communication and information exchange.”

Appointment of Industry Veteran Richard Brennan as Chairman: Richard Brennan is a strategic thinker with a reputation as a visionary leader in the telecommunications industry. Brennan was previously Executive Vice President of Global Brand Marketing & Products for the Orange Group. “I am delighted to be investing in & working with Zygo. I believe customers want simpler ways to communicate with their family, friends, and communities. Zygo enables this, using the applications that customers are most familiar with, that is text and voice. Zygo has a strategic focus on technology that works and services that customers love to use", said Brennan.

Zygo Communications’ technology offers the first solution for group text and voice communications for businesses and consumers. Its core product, ZygoHubsTM uses a standard telephone number to enable users to communicate with their entire team or a group of friends, with just one SMS or call.

Once the message has been received, group members can reply to all with the same simplicity. The service which will work on any GSM phone and requires no additional installed applications can be set up from the mobile or via a web interface. It offers a group text facility, a group voicemail and a conference calling bridge. The potential uses for the ZygoHub range from a corporate sales team discussing weekly updates, to a football club arranging fixtures or a group of teens keeping in contact.

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