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MySQL AB Completes Record Year

MySQL AB, developer of the world's most popular open source database, today reported another milestone in its 11-year history with record results for the year ended December 31, 2006. The privately-held company continued to deliver rapid revenue growth -- fuelled by the delivery of significant product, community and partner initiatives throughout the year. The recent launch of the new MySQL Enterprise subscription offering is especially drawing high praise among MySQL's customers for its innovative monitoring tools and low total cost of ownership (TCO).

"Open source software adoption has come to an inflection point -- past the early-adopter 'techie' phase and now reaching mainstream corporate use," said Marten Mickos, MySQL AB's Chief Executive Officer. "We are readying our company and delivering products to take advantage of this market-change. We expect to see increasing interest in open source from CEOs and CFOs, as well as from industry partners such as Capgemini, Red Hat and Unisys."

In the past year, MySQL added over 2,500 new customers, who have selected the MySQL database server to power their Web sites, critical business applications, packaged software and telecommunications infrastructure. Corporate, professional services and OEM customers in the fourth quarter included:

1&1 Internet AG, AFP, Atempo, Amp'd Mobile, Cisco, Clareity Security, Cybersource Corporation, DataPharm Network, Dow Jones, Easyrun, Garmin International, Earthlink, Electronic Arts, eSchool Solutions, Fotolog, Freescale, Halley Informatica, Hewlett Packard, Juniper Networks, Mercado, MediaSpan, McClatchy Interactive, Midasplayer, McGraw-Hill, NBC, NetShops, Nortel Networks, Reuters, The Sage Group, Siemens AG Power Generation, Sourcefire, Sprint, The Swedish National Financial Management Authority, Thales, Tripwire, Vitarea, The Walt Disney Company, and

MySQL 2006 Highlights

* Record growth in enterprise subscription business -- In the fourth quarter, the company launched its new MySQL Enterprise offering, a comprehensive set of production-tested software, proactive monitoring tools, and premium support services. MySQL is continuing to change the way enterprise software is sold by today introducing customer-friendly annual site agreements at the unprecedented low cost of $40,000 [see separate press release on MySQL Enterprise Unlimited].

* MySQL powers Web 2.0 users such as YouTube and Flickr -- Time Magazine selecting "You" as Person of The Year and Google's billion-dollar acquisition of YouTube has highlighted Web 2.0 as an industry- and societal-revolution. Almost all of these fast-growing interactive Web properties have selected the open source LAMP stack as their scalable software architecture -- and MySQL as their database. Alexa Top 100 examples include Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Flickr, Second Life, Wikipedia, Craigslist, Slashdot,, Facebook, LiveJournal, Digg,, and

* New pluggable storage engines -- In April, the company launched its MySQL Certified Storage Engine Program, a way for third-party ISVs and open source community developers to produce high-quality add-in database engines for the millions of MySQL database users worldwide. Since that time, a wide range of engines have been unveiled through the program (

In December, MySQL released an alpha version of a new internally-developed transactional storage engine, codenamed 'Falcon'.

* Adoption of high-availability database technology -- The company has also seen great interest and successful customer implementations with its MySQL Cluster high-availability database product -- especially within the Telecom (Alcatel Lucent, Cisco, Ericsson, HP OpenCall, Motorola, Nokia, Nortel Networks) and E-commerce/Web (Clareity, CyberSource,, Toto Lotto) markets. In 2007, MySQL will be creating a separate Telecom business unit to focus on and grow this opportunity.

* Strength of MySQL Community -- The open source ecosystem of software developers and vendors who support and contribute to MySQL's popularity continues to grow, as seen by: - Visitors to the MySQL Web site have propelled it into the Alexa Top 500 - Record attendence at the annual MySQL Conference ( - Contributions on MySQL Forge ( and blogs - Over 12 million downloads of the MySQL Server in 2006, making it one of the most popular software applications on the Internet.

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