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Sony's smallest laptop pops up

Introducing the future of portable computing, the VGN-UX1XN, an ultra-mobile PC from Sony VAIO. This stylish, compact unit fits comfortably into your hands and is extremely light at just 480g. Yet it packs a real punch, with a full 1GB of memory and the latest Intel Ultra-Low Voltage processor providing the power to run Windows Vista Business for better networking, file sharing and multi-media capabilities. It’s the perfect way to enjoy real PC functionality, watch movies, listen to music and view photos wherever you are.

Whether you want to work or play on the move, the VAIO UX1 extends your reach. Integrated high-speed WiFi lets you take full advantage of wireless hotspots and networks for email and web access. Sliding the screen up reveals a keyboard for text entry, or you can opt for stylus or touch-screen operation depending on what suits you best at the time. The 4.5-inch widescreen display is visually enhanced with contrast boosting X-black LCD and brightly illuminated by LED technology for the crispest screen you have ever seen. What’s more there is a blue keyboard backlight, ideal for use in poor light.

There are even two integrated cameras – one for video chat, with the option of a Bluetooth headset, the other at the back for taking pictures. If you want to update and illustrate your blog as you live it, the UX1 gives you everything you need.

Instead of a hard disk, the UX1 comes with 32GB of flash memory. This has many advantages; for example everything is faster, applications and files load extremely quickly, and general operation is more responsive. Flash memory is also immune to problems caused by vibration and shock. It even uses less power than a hard disk, boosting an average battery life to over four hours of continuous operation.

Everything about the UX1 makes it the ideal choice for anyone needing full PC capability on the go, particularly when they don’t have the luxury of time and space to open a notebook computer. If your work takes you away from a desk, the UX1 can make a real difference.

Ease of use is fundamental to the UX1. As well as the choice of keyboard, stylus or touch-screen operation, you can hold the unit horizontally or vertically for the best view. A touch of a button and the screen switches its orientation from landscape to portrait as desired. Another button calls up the VAIO Launcher, giving you quick access to all your favourite applications and tools from a single screen. Further hardware controls let you zoom in and out and scroll, so everything you need is right at your fingertips, all the time. This includes security for your data, with fingerprint recognition providing a truly user-specific alternative to a password.

For all its practicality, the UX1 looks every bit as cutting-edge and desirable as you could wish. Its sleek design and premium all-black finish make this a stunning gadget that you will want to be seen with.

To round things off, the package features a generous selection of key accessories. The bundled display/LAN adapter means the UX1 can easily be connected to a projector or monitor - whether it is for presentations to clients or for sharing data and images with colleagues and friends. It also includes a stylish docking cradle adding three extra USB ports, AV-out, VGA, LAN and iLINK connectivity. An AC adapter, stylus, carrying stand and soft case are also provided as standard.

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