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2m UK Businesses risk data losses with obsolete equipment

Staying in the field of data protection and preservation, there's a new survey by BizHelp24 has found that 24.8% of small business owners say they do not need to update or replace their computers and other technology at all, while 12.4% only update them every three years, and 12.1% every four years or more. This include storage media like floppy drives and CDROMs, which are potential time bombs if you don't back them up.

This is despite small business employees saying that slow and unreliable computers are the biggest cause of irritation in the office. Positively though, 34.7% of businesses do upgrade or replace their equipment once a year or more; ensuring their equipment remains productive and reliable.

Here are five top reasons why upgrading can benefit your business:

- Faster computers help productivity, and prevent staff irritation

- Technology becomes more unreliable as it gets older, putting your data at risk

- New printers and faxes are cheaper to run, and produce better results

- Buying new equipment is usually more cost effective than repairing old equipment

- As technology gets smaller, you gain more office space

Colin Duguid, Managing Director of BizHelp24 said, "Whilst older computers may still do the job, they can be slow and unreliable; and are more likely to break down, disrupting your business. Updating or replacing your equipment every couple of years helps to ensure your staff can stay productive, and minimises the risk of you losing your data or needing to pay the cost of repairs.

"Businesses that have invested in good technology may be justified in keeping it for several years, but it is worrying that so many businesses say they do not need to update their technology at all."

The survey of over 360 small business owners/managers/employees was conducted on during January 2007.

How Often do you Buy or Upgrade Your Business Computers and Technology (E.g.: Printers, Faxes)

I don't need to update them-24.8%

More than once a year-24.8%

Every Two Years-16%

Every Three Years-12.4%

Every Four Years or More-12.1%

Every Year-9.9%

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