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Ultimaco updates data security products

Utimaco will be launching its SafeGuard Enterprise security suite at CeBIT 2007 (March 15th - 21st). With this new product generation from the Data Security Company organisations and companies can, for the first time, benefit from a fully integrated security suite that meets all current and future demands on data security.

No matter where information is saved, or who it is being exchanged with, SafeGuard Enterprise secures data on mobile and fixed computing devices, on removable media, servers and in e-mails. The core of the brand new security suite is the central Management Center which for the first time enables companies to simply and effectively implement security guidelines across platforms to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

SafeGuard Enterprise 5.0 targets mid-sized to large corporations that need to store and process their data on different devices and platforms and secure their confidential information at all times.

SafeGuard Enterprise is based on an open, modular architecture that enables companies to add security functions to their IT infrastructure using a single, auditable administration module. Additionally, SafeGuard Enterprise supports companies and authorities to reduce costs and risks: Different administrations and key management systems will be consolidated under a central management platform.

At CeBIT, Utimaco will be presenting SafeGuard Enterprise 5.0 to the public for the first time. Version 5.0 comprises the SafeGuard Management Center and the SafeGuard Device Encryption security module.

With the SafeGuard Management Center module companies can implement security guidelines centrally and administer them across the company, and across all platforms. The SafeGuard Device Encryption module transparently encrypts data on notebooks, PCs and removable media. In addition to supporting authentication hardware such as tokens its modern algorithms ensure maximum security. The SafeGuard Management Center module enables companies to protect all data in the network against misuse and unauthorized access.

Selected international test customers have evaluated the beta version of SafeGuard Enterprise 5.0 thoroughly over the last few months. "The users have confirmed their approval of the solution. We were given the best feedback for the ActiveDirectory integration and installation, and also for the Policy Management", said Olaf Siemens, Head of Software Development at Utimaco.

Further modules rounding off Utimaco's new data security suite are added in later product versions:

SafeGuard File & Folder Encryption secures user data that is exchanged between working groups. In addition, it can be used to encrypt both local disk drives and network servers at file and directory level, and assign them individual access rights.

SafeGuard Configuration Protection offers central control over all fixed and mobile computing devices and protects against malware, inappropriate software use, and unauthorized configuration changes.

SafeGuard Data Exchange guarantees the secure exchange of confidential data with business partners and customers.

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